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Want more out of sex?

Truly satisfying sex is an important part of a woman’s overall physical and emotional well being at any age, but many women aren’t feeling as much pleasure as they’d like.

If you want more spark, you’re not alone

Unfortunately, for many women there’s a significant gap between what they’d like out of sex and what they’re getting. According to one recent study*, 60% of women aren’t satisfied their sex life. Not surprising, given that another recent study** of 52,000 Americans indicated that, in male-female encounters, 75% of men orgasm every time while only 33% of women do.


The “Healthy Women/Lippe Taylor Women’s Health Behavior Index” of 1,092 U.S. women aged 18 years and older. April 21 –29, 2015

No Orgasm

January 2018, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp 273–288, Differences in Orgasm Frequency Among Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Men and Women in a U.S. National Sample

What makes orgasm more complex for women?
Your clitoris is key.

Cliovana is a simple, completely non-invasive treatment to increase women’s arousal levels and their orgasm frequency and intensity. Cliovana™ uses sound wave technology, not lasers, scalpels or needles, so there are no dangerous side effects. Whether you’re with a longstanding partner, dating, or enjoying it on your own, your sex life is about to get better.

Escape the Arousal Deficit Cycle

The patented Cliovana treatment creates long-term, heightened clitoral responsiveness, which leads to consistently increased arousal and more frequent and powerful orgasms.

Patient Testimonial

Hear from a satisfied Cliovana client:

“After getting these (Cliovana) treatments I’d call up my husband and say, ‘let’s have a non-lunch lunch date’. Cliovana has definitely enhanced our sex life. Having orgasms more often has helped the bond between me and my husband.  If you’re hesitant about it…let that go. Because it’s so simple. Getting your teeth cleaned is more invasive.”

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Practitioner Testimonial

Dr. Leslie Kardos, a Gynecologist and minimally invasive surgeon who focusses on Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness, talks about Cliovana.

“The wonderful thing about sound technology (used by Cliovana) is that it’s completely exterior. There’s no probes, no needles, no pain, there’s no risk, and there’s no down time.”

Effects that Last

Cliovana trials in women have consistently resulted in:

  • heightened sensation
  • frequency and strength of orgasms

The results are often felt immediately and intensify over a period of 3 months as the body generates new vascular tissue. Best of all, this heightened state lasts for a year or more and can be sustained with a single, annual revitalization session.

Find a Practitioner

Interested in finding out if Cliovana is right for you? Let us put you in touch with a certified Cliovana Practitioner.

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Cliovana on The Doctors

Watch Emmy nominated host Dr. Andrew Ordon discuss Cliovana with Dr. Christopher Asandra on this segment of the award-winning syndicated talk show The Doctors.

Dr. Assandra demonstrates the procedure on his patient Gabrielle, who shares that for her, sensitivity became more heightened after every treatment.